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Immigration Law

Steve was ordered deported.  Fought case in Federal Court and won, proving Steven was in fact a citizen since birth since his parent was a US Citizen.

SC imprisoned years ago for child abuse homicide.  Fought deportation in immigration court.  Won.  A few years later, filed for naturalization.  Appealed a denial, and won.

Client was denied residency due to an allegation of false claim to citizenship on an I-9 application from a previous employer.  Won appeal, client received greencard.

Clients accused by Salt Lake City USCIS office of marriage fraud.  Appealed case.  Green card granted.  

Client was told by many attorneys she was ineligible for a greencard because she had no proof of a legal entry into the US.  Chris Keen spoke with her and determined that since she crossed at a checkpoint and was waived through, that was a procedurally correct entry, and she was eligible.  Client was granted greencard.

Client was member of communist party in China.  Her adjustment of status application was denied by USCIS.  Her prior attorney told them to find another firm experienced with waivers to handle the matter.  Client retained our firm, and we filed a complelling waiver application with strong legal arguments.  Client was granted residency and obtained her greencard.

Criminal Law

JM charged with DUI, speeding, and no license.  DUI dismissed, no license charged dismissed, pleaded to a lower speeding charge plea in abeyance with a $130 fine.

Client stopped in Utah on interstate and pleaded guilty, without an attorney, to possession of drug charges.  He was not eligible for a greencard.  Did post conviction work, and client was granted greencard.

Sworn To Advocate For Our Clients

“My father was a U.S. citizen, but I was born in another country.” Everyone in the government kept telling me I didn’t belong in the U.S., that I should give up and go “home” to the U.K. Immigration kept trying to get rid of me, and even issued a deportation order. Luckily, I found Keen Law Offices. Mr. Keen was the only person who believed I was a citizen; he fought my case, and after a long battle, Immigration gave in. They even issued me a certificate stating that I was a U.S. citizen since birth!”

Stephen, Immigration Client

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