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Permanent Employment Visas

Salt Lake Immigration Attorney Explains Employment-Based Immigration

Under the provisions of United States immigration law, anyone entering the country for the purpose of living and working in Salt Lake City or elsewhere must have a valid immigrant or nonimmigrant visa. The difference between the two types of visas has to do with the individual's intent in coming to the U.S. A nonimmigrant visa permits the holder to remain in this country only on a limited basis. The period of stay may be extended, but at some point the person must return, at least temporarily, to his or her country of origin. Immigrant visas, on the other hand, provide the holder with a green card and legal permanent resident status, thereby enabling the person to remain in this country on an indefinite basis.

Advantages of Employment-Based Immigration

A green card holder does not have any restriction on where he or she may work, whereas many nonimmigrant work visas permit the holder to work only for the employer who submitted the original sponsorship petition. In addition to permanent resident status, employment-based immigration also provides the immigrant with a route toward naturalization and citizenship. Given the considerable advantages they offer, immigrant visas are in considerable demand worldwide. The Department of Homeland Security reports that, whereas 3,385,775 people were admitted to the United States on nonimmigrant employment visas in 2011, only 139,339 were granted admission on employment-based immigrant visas in the same year.

Types of Permanent Immigration Work Visas

The Immigration and Nationality Act divides the category of employment-based immigrant visas into five subcategories, including the EB-1 visaEB-2 visaEB-3 visaEB-4 visa and EB-5 visa. Each one of these visas is reserved for a different classification of worker, such as persons with extraordinary ability, professors, skilled workers, professionals, certain broadcasters and immigrant investors. Depending on the category, it may be necessary for the foreign national to be the subject of an approved Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker filed by a sponsoring U.S. employer.

Let Our Salt Lake City Immigration Lawyers Help You

The sponsoring employer may be required to first request labor certification by demonstrating to the Department of Labor that the hiring of foreign workers will not adversely affect the prospects of workers in the local labor market. At Keen Law Offices, LLC, we assist clients including both employers and foreign workers with every aspect of the employment-based immigration process and we are ready to begin working on your case. Learn more about the process and get started on the petition now by contacting us for an initial consultation. Let us put our extensive experience and dedication to results to work for you.

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