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Victim Visas

Dedicated Immigration Services for Crime Victims in Utah

The United States visa and immigration system provides special visas for crime victims seeking residence in the U.S.

U-Visas for Crime Victims

If you have been the victim of a crime, you may be eligible to obtain a four-year nonimmigrant U-Visa. U-Visa holders can also petition for their family members to obtain derivative nonimmigrant visas for residence in the United States. In addition, the U.S. immigration system encourages people to report crimes and assist in prosecutions by granting immigration benefits to those who do so. So, if you or a family member are a victim or can assist in a criminal prosecution, contact Keen Law Offices, LLC today to discuss your visa and immigration options.

U-Visas give temporary immigration benefits to foreign nationals who:

  • Suffered physical or mental harm as a result of being victimized by a crime such as domestic violence, assault, rape, sexual assault, trafficking and other related crimes in the U.S.;
  • Have information relating to the crime; and
  • Assisted or are able to assist authorities in investigating the crime or prosecuting the offender.

Visas Based on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

For victims of domestic violence, as an alternative to the U-Visa, VAWA allows non-citizens to obtain immigration status without needing to ask for sponsorship from an abusive U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Contact Keen Law Offices, LLC today to find out more about how to obtain a visa under VAWA.

T-Visas for Human Trafficking Victims

If you were brought to the U.S. and forced to work hard labor or were forced into prostitution to pay for your passage, contact one of our Utah victim visa attorneys to talk about applying for a T-Visa. These special visas are specifically made available for victims of human trafficking. Derivative T-Visas are available to the spouse, parents and children of trafficking victims to help keep your family together.

The Experience You Need for Your Victim Visa

With Keen Law Offices, LLC's focus on both immigration and criminal law, the firm's attorneys are uniquely capable of representing foreign nationals and other non-citizens in obtaining victim visas. In addition, our immigration and criminal law attorneys have strong relationships with the area law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges whose cooperation is needed when filing a victim visa application.

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Located in Orem, Keen Law Offices, LLC's criminal and immigration lawyers serve foreign nationals and other non-citizens in Provo, Salt Lake City and throughout the State of Utah. To speak with a compassionate, skilled Orem victim visa attorney at our office, call (801) 899-6385 or click here to contact Keen Law Offices, LLC online.

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“My father was a U.S. citizen, but I was born in another country.” Everyone in the government kept telling me I didn’t belong in the U.S., that I should give up and go “home” to the U.K. Immigration kept trying to get rid of me, and even issued a deportation order. Luckily, I found Keen Law Offices. Mr. Keen was the only person who believed I was a citizen; he fought my case, and after a long battle, Immigration gave in. They even issued me a certificate stating that I was a U.S. citizen since birth!”

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