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Immigration law is in the news all the time.  You need to have the assistance of attorneys who keep up with the latest in immigration law in order to understand all your options and to select the best option for your situation.

Our philosophy is that a great legal team must be made up of excellent people who do excellent work.  We work together to provide our clients with solutions to their immigration problems.  Let our team work for you.

Our firm will not be a right fit for every client.  The right clients for our firm range from those with simple immigration issues that want accurate, efficient, quality legal services; to clients with extremely complex immigration issues that may be combined with criminal legal issues.  Our clients value our expertise and experience, and are willing to work with us to strategize their case plan and carry out the action plan.  

Any time you find yourself getting involved in the United States immigration legal system, it is in your best interests to hire a proven immigration firm.  You need an attorney who has a track record of success in navigating the complexity of immigration law and who is ready to fight for you with the authorities.

The bureaucratic system of the US Government is large and inefficient; it is overburdened by the millions of people worldwide who apply every year for temporary work visas, family- and employment-based immigration visas and citizenship. Even minor mistakes in your paperwork could result in your application being unnecessarily delayed or denied. Don't take chances with the final outcome of your case. Come to Keen Law Offices, LLC for help from a team of attorneys who have handled hundreds of cases similar to yours.


Follow the links below to learn more about the different types of cases we handle.

Adjustment of Status

Under the Immigration Nationality Act (INA), individuals have the opportunity to adjust their immigration status from temporary to permanent; this is called “adjustment of status.” In order to accomplish this, you will first need to determine which immigrant category you fit into and you will need to file the proper petition and forms.

Immigration Laws

The provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and other bodies of law affecting immigration to the United States are notoriously complex and involved. To make matters more complicated, immigrants in Salt Lake City also have to comply with immigration laws in the Utah Code. Fortunately, we can help you find your way through the system.


Many have applied for and obtained Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  It is a process whereby certain qualifying individuals may request consideration for deferred action for two years, subject to renewal. However, in order to request consideration for deferred action, one must first meet key guidelines which are based on the person's age, education, criminal history etc.  On September 5, 2017, the Trump administration ended new applicants to the DACA program.  Check out our blog for the latest.  

Denied Visas

Even if your application for a visa has been denied, you may still be able to obtain permission to travel, live, work or study in the United States by filing an appeal, a request for consideration, a petition for an immigration waiver, or pursuing some other type of immigration relief.

Deportation / Cancellation of Removal

Whether you are being threatened with deportation due to allegations of immigration fraud or overstaying your visa, or have been selected for removal on the basis of a criminal conviction, you can come to us for help challenging the action and seeking to remain lawfully in the U.S.

Family-Based Immigration

The INA sets aside a limited number of immigrant visas every year, and most of them are allocated for individuals seeking to immigrate in order to reunite with family members. These include fiancé and marriage visas such as the K-1 nonimmigrant visa, K-2 nonimmigrant visa, K-3 nonimmigrant visa, K-4 nonimmigrant visa, as well as many types of visas for other family members.

Immigration Reform

The subject of immigration reform has for many years been among the most contentious and controversial issues in U.S. politics. A movement to grant amnesty to tens of millions of people who are currently classified as undocumented aliens is gaining momentum. This change would mean an enormous shift in the immigration legal arena. Our firm keeps up with these changes so that we can provide advantageous and helpful advice to our clients.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Provided that you can meet the strict qualifications, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship through the process of naturalization. Citizenship carries extensive rights and responsibilities, including the right to vote in elections, hold federal employment, and help your family members come to the U.S. on immediate relative visas.

Permanent Residency / Green Card

Living in the United States on a temporary work or study visa places you in a precarious position. You must be highly cautious to avoid violating the terms of your visa, including remembering to renew your visa on a regular basis. With a green card, however, you can establish yourself as a permanent resident of the U.S. and start building your future in this country.

Post-Conviction Relief

When a client comes to us for help with avoiding deportation after having been convicted of a crime, we often set about pursuing a strategy of petitioning for post-conviction relief. By appealing the conviction, seeking a reduction in the charges, or through other strategies, we may be able to clear you of the immigration legal consequences that you face.

Illegal Immigration

The longer you wait to take action to address the fact that you are an undocumented immigrant, the more likely it becomes that you will be caught by the authorities and selected for deportation. A lawyer from our team may be able to help you resolve the situation, such as by petitioning for an unlawful presence waiver.

Removing Conditional Status

If you received your green card on a conditional status, such as through a marriage of less than two years' duration or as an immigrant investor, it is necessary to file a petition to remove your conditional status so that you can remain in the United States beyond the initial two-year provisional window.

Victim Visas

Under certain circumstances, a victim of a crime may be eligible to receive a nonimmigrant visa allowing a continued stay in the U.S. For example, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows victims of domestic violence to receive immigrant visas after suffering at the hands of an abusive U.S. citizen spouse.


In the event that you have been selected for deportation based on having overstayed your visa, committing a crime, or any other type of immigration legal violations, it may be possible for you to resolve the matter through petitioning for a waiver by supplying evidence that you deserve relief and leniency.


When you bring your case to us, you can benefit from the fact that our lawyers work as a team. We pool our combined experience and share our insight to ensure that every client who comes to us receives the best possible result that we can deliver. At the outset of the process, we conduct thorough interviews so that we fully understand our clients' needs, concerns and objectives. This thorough interview and planning with the client is what sets our consultations apart.

Based your specific information, we tailor a unique plan of action for handling the case from start to finish. We can assist you with every aspect of your situation, from completing the paperwork, gathering any necessary documentation and submitting the petition to preparing you for any interviews that may be required, representing you with the immigration authorities, and taking your case to court if necessary. At every stage of the process, we do whatever we reasonably can to get the results you deserve. Find out more about how we can help you and get the process started now by contacting us to discuss your case.

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“My father was a U.S. citizen, but I was born in another country.” Everyone in the government kept telling me I didn’t belong in the U.S., that I should give up and go “home” to the U.K. Immigration kept trying to get rid of me, and even issued a deportation order. Luckily, I found Keen Law Offices. Mr. Keen was the only person who believed I was a citizen; he fought my case, and after a long battle, Immigration gave in. They even issued me a certificate stating that I was a U.S. citizen since birth!”

Stephen, Immigration Client